Morning Worship

We meet for worship together  every Sunday at 10.00am at the Ladygrove Community Centre which is on the same site as All Saints' Church of England School in Tamar Way.

Our services follow the following pattern:

1st Sunday ~ Morning Worship with Children's Groups

2nd Sunday ~ Communion Service with Children's Groups

3rd Sunday ~ Worship All Together (no children's groups)

4th Sunday ~ Morning Worship with Children's Groups

5th Sunday ~ Communion Service (children meet all together as one group)


Our communion services alternate between the Anglican and Baptist traditions but all other services are a mixture of the two as well as drawing from other traditions. Services are led and talks given by a number of people, both lay and ordained, who have a variety of experiences and gifts so they are quite varied in their style. Having quite a few children in our church family, some of whom have special needs, we are quite informal in our worship which we appreciate is not to everyone's tastes.

Most of our worship music tends to be modern (anything pre-1990 is classed as traditional!) and is led by our music group.

After every service we offer the opportunity to pray quietly with members of our prayer team.

There is always plenty of time to chat over a drink and biscuit after the service and on the third Sunday we have a shared lunch together at 12.30pm or a picnic or barbecue during the summer months.


We also hold monthly Messy Church services on Saturday afternoons. You can find information about this here.

We also offer other times and styles of worship during the main Christian celebrations. Please take a look at our calendar for details.

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