Villa Rosa Church in the Philippines

The Ladygrove Church has had contact with Pastor Gay in the Philippines for a number of years. However our relationship really deepened in 2006 when a couple from our church visited her during their holidays. While much of Laguna is developing and fairly affluent, she took them to see a district where the community lived next door to a large rubbish dump and survived mainly by scavenging from it for their building materials and to find items to sell.

On their return to our church, the couple challenged the church to raise the money to buy a piece of land and fund the construction of a church building to act as a meeting place for the community as well as a space for worship. In 2008 the building was completed.

More recently we have helped the Villa Rosa Church to establish a micro-finance loan scheme which has enabled members of the community to set up small businesses (like the "Sari-Sari" shop below) so that they can raise their standards of living.

Supporting Pastor Gay and the church in the Philippines has been a tremendous privilege but has also given us  the opportunity to learn more about another part of this world,  about how God guides us and about how we as a church can work together to discover his will.






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