Messy Church

"I am not a church-goer but I wouldn't miss Messy Church".

(feedback from one of our regulars)


We've been running a monthly (except August) Messy Church on the Ladygrove Estate since the autumn of 2012. We meet on the third Saturday between 3.00-5.00pm.

If you have not heard of Messy Church, basically it has three aspects:

1. Crafts and other fun activities to suit all ages (including adults)

2. A short time of worship - a Bible story, a song or two and some form of prayer

3. Food - some messy churches have full-blown meals but currently we have a finger buffets with sandwiches, pizza, crisps and lots of scrummy cake (see below).

At the end of Messy Church in July we hold a barbecue and a camp-out with additional fun and games.

You can read more about the concept and history of Messy Church on their website.

Activities vary considerably but usually include cake- or biscuit-decorating, free painting and word searches. There are also plenty of toys and games out for those who wanted to have a bit of free play.

You can see more photos of what we get up to in our Photo Gallery.

If you've wanted to come to church but Sunday mornings or the usual type of service doesn't suit you or your family, why not give Messy Church a go?

Please see our Facebook page for further details of Messy Church events plus photos taken by some of those who come along.

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